If   You   Dream   It   We   Can   Build   It


We carefully walk clients through the color selection process, considering elements such as color balance, light levels, window placement, room size, furniture tone, client preference and more to create an optimal color environment. After finalizing the color choice our expert painters begin to prepare the project. When painting Exteriors we tie back and protect all foliage nearest to the structure. Mask all windows and protect all surrounding none painted areas. Trench around the property inspecting the foundation and allowing for a below ground level color line. We scrape and sand all necessary surfaces. We replace all damaged or rotted wood, and patch all cracks. We prime the complete exterior then double coat the final color to perfect finish. When painting Interior, we protect all none painted surfaces and plastic cover all furniture. We scrape and sand all necessary areas. Fix all cracks and patch all holes. Prime and Paint to perfect finish.



A stucco finish is a great alternative look for a home or property. We offer many high quality stucco finishes, from smooth to rough, to an artistic finish unique to the structure, with a vast color choice. We use high grade stucco, that is water resistant, fire retardant and allows the structure to breath.


Faux  Finish  &  Venetian  Plaster

plaster faux finish

We view each wall as a canvas ready to be made into a beautiful piece of art. Faux Finishes are a great way to add elegance and sophistication to any interior or exterior. Using the art of Faux Finishing we present many luxurious decorative techniques such as replicating the fine looks of marble and wood using high grade paints. We also specialize and recommend the use of a plaster faux finish, namely Venetian Plaster. In this technique we use thin layers of plaster applied with a spatula or trowel which we then burnish to create a finely smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture.